Automatic Polishing

From rough down to fine and mirror-like surfaces

Polishing is a challenging issue, especially for tool steel and high strength steels. Most industries adopted traditional, manual polishing techniques that are based on human skills and trial-and-error.

Automatic polishing has seen as the effective solution and does produce instant result. Due to the lack of R&D and large high-technology equipment investment, this is unfavourable by industry that sees instant profit and high productivity as their priority. We aims to establish our own low-cost automatic polishing. We investigated a great number of polishing techniques. For instance, CNC milling of grooves and polishing on flat and round tool surfaces. Besides, we performed comprehensive studies on gradual surface layer removal by combined turning and Robot Assisted Polishing (RAP) in order to generate from rough to fine- or mirror-polished, but it is realized that the RAP is limited to round tool steel specimen.