Wetting Characteristics

Characterizing wetting behaviors of coated surfaces

Coating deposited to tool steel surface can greatly improve wear resistance and reduce sticking. Since solid-liquid interactions are present in every lubricated tribological contact, the present study aims to understand the physical phenomena of contact interactions between the DLC coated surface and the liquid. The anti-sticking properties were assessed using contact angle measurements using two liquids with distinctly different viscosity – water and oil. The DLC coated tool steel surfaces exhibit hydrophobic behaviour with high contact angle values. With a lower surface energy of the DLC coating in comparison to uncoated surface, this suggests that the DLC coating is a good hard coating candidate since it has a lower adhesion resistance and an improved release performance.

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Sulaiman, M. H., Farahana, R. N., Tajul, L., & Jaafar, H. (2019, November). The wettability characteristics of DLC coating for tribological engineering applications. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 670, No. 1, p. 012053). IOP Publishing.