Postgraduate Programme

Info on Postgraduate Studies @ MME

Research activities and services have significant effects on the environment, society, and economy. Research efforts in higher education are focused on dissemination and application through commercialization and technology transfer to society, in addition to the regular agenda items of disciplines and instructional development. Postgraduate programs generally result in either a thesis, dissertation, or project paper which is assessed by independent experts in the field.


The Department of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering of International Islamic University Malaysia proudly offers two modes of post-graduate courses; by research and course mode: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering and Master of Science in Engineering are offered by research mode while Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Master of Science in Material Engineering are offered by coursework mode.

The aim of this postgraduate program is to offer graduates of different disciplines, who have been engaged in Manufacturing, Material Engineering or related disciplines, an opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge in these fields. The programme will provide an opportunity to national and international students. For research mode, students are required to take the University required courses (6 cr hr). For coursework mode, students are required to successfully complete additional three core courses (9 credit hours), followed by five elective courses (15 credit hours) and lastly, a project paper (12 credit hours). The PhD course takes 3 years (6 semesters) for full time students, whereas, the MSc is a 2 years (4 semesters) programme for full time students for both research and coursework.

As inherent in the Islamic faith and the IIUM’s vision and goal, the PhD and MSc in Manufacturing Engineering and Material Engineering curriculum at IIUM strives to produce holistic human beings capable of living, acting, behaving, and competing on the global arena. The program also aspires to generate Insan Sejahtera who are well-versed in all facets of the United Nations’ SDG, IR 4.0, IoT, and all aspects of a world-class Manufacturing and Material Engineering curriculum.