Postgraduate Programme

Info on Postgraduate Studies @ MME

Research activities and services have critical economic, societal and environmental impacts. In response to the future challenge of human and social development, research activities in higher education should be directed not only to routine agenda of disciplines and teaching development, but also to dissemination and application in the forms of commercialization and technology transfer to society. Even in high ranked universities, research

activities have become one of major tools in generating income through public funding, in-house company creation and partnerships with industry. Therefore, establishment of a postgraduate programme which facilitates profound research activities to respond any current global challenges is a must.
Materials Engineering Post-Graduate Programme of International Islamic University Malaysia proudly offers two post-graduate courses: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Materials Engineering and Master of Science in Materials Engineering
(M.Sc. Materials). The PhD course takes 3 years (6 semesters) for full time students, whereas, the MSc is a 2 years (4 semesters) programme for full time students with two modes of structure : Coursework plus Research (mixed mode) or Research only.
  • The aim of this program is to offer graduates of different disciplines, who have been engaged in Materials Engineering or related disciplines, an opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge in the field of Materials Engineering. The programme will provide an opportunity to national and international. For research mode, students are not required to take any courses; however, they are required to complete the thesis which is worth of 45 credit hours. For mixed mode, students are required to successfully complete: RKGS, Research Methodology and Seminar Courses for 6 credit hours. They also need to complete five elective courses for 15 credit hours and 24 credit hours for research thesis.
  • The proposed curriculum has been designed keeping in view the future needs of Malaysia, in particular, and other countries in the world. The program has been developed to meet the needs of those employed in various Manufacturing and Materials Engineering related professions wishing to expand their expertise in various sub-disciplines. Thesis research allows students to plan the greater part of the taught element of the program to suit their individual background and future career development. The elective courses based on specialization are divided into two streams, namely ‘Modern Materials and Processing’ and ‘Characterization of Materials’.