MME Safety Policy

Student Awareness Activities on Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

As university stress on the SHE policy, there are a lot of SHE awareness programmed executed by the Kulliyyah in general and programmed specifically. Among the activities executed are talks, briefing, emergency exit map and emergency phone existed poster. The SHE notice and advertisements are made visible around the Kulliyyah. Students also be reminded to completely wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during workshops and laboratories session. Students need to provide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any materials that they worked with it. Statistic of incident and accident in laboratories and workshops are also made visible in front of the Dean’s Office.

Mandatory Safety Briefing Student (Lab, IDP, FYP)

Workplace Safety and health considerations are reasonably practicable means to provide a safe workplace and healthy environment to all staff,  researcher, student and visitors in MME Department. This message gives all individuals the introductory information on safety at workplace more importantly including laboratory. Laboratory is an environment with variety of hazards or risk that may be physical, chemical, biological, radiation, etc. Thus it demands an high level safety awareness.

The department safety policy is mandatory for all student s to attend the briefing or safety orientation before they start working or doing laboratory practical classes. Laboratory personnel are provided training program that meet their specific needs. Undergraduate students are required to participate in the safety briefing on the beginning of each semester. Student who did not attend the briefing are not allowed for lab work.

The department has adopted the safety operation manuals, safe work practices and procedures, safety rules and regulations. All need to look for relevant information and understand well.

Risk Assessment Form and COSHH Evaluation for FYP

Due to the nature of FYP work that require student to work independently without extensive supervision from lab personnel of FYP supervisor,   the department has decided to adopt the use of Risk Assessment methods and COSHH assessment. As for now, the Risk Assessment and COSHH Evaluation only apply to students who undertake FYP subjects.

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