Over decades, plastics have been used for various purposes to ease our daily lives due to their versatility, and in our modern time, production and usage of plastics have been overwhelming. This phenomenon has increased issues in waste management for plastics. Since plastics are generally not biodegradable, sooner or later, our landfills would be filled with all these plastics wastes, while on the other hand, more plastics will still continuously be produced in order to fulfill the market demands.

Aluminum, being one of metals that is highly durable yet lightweight, is being widely used in many industries such as automotive, electronics and construction, as well as food and beverage industry. The production of aluminum requires very high energy consumption and it needs fossil fuels during the process. In addition to that, the production releases carbon dioxide, that would contribute to greenhouse effect


On the bright side, both of these materials: plastics and aluminum are able to be recycled many times to produce new products. Therefore, the recycling process of these materials should be exercised to ensure that we can provide a more sustainable world for the generations to come.

Therefore, the Department of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering has decided to approach the Centre of Foundation Studies of IIUM to initiate a collaborative effort to promote awareness in recycling used materials for a sustainable environment. The department feels that the awareness and exposures on the importance of Recycling needs to be instilled in our young generations, in order to ensure that the future generations will always have the spirit of conserving the environment for a sustainable future. 

Program Objectives

a) To promote the importance of recycling used materials for a sustainable environment.

b)  To expose the student with the basic process of recycling used materials, specifically household used materials.

Target participants: This programme is open to all IIUM students.
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Project 1: Bread Tags/Plastic Bottles

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd Rahman
Dr. Norshahida Sarifuddin
Dr. Noorazlina Hassan
Dr. Nur Ayuni Jamal
Dr. Shafie Kamaruddin
Dr. Afifah Mohd Ali

Project 2: Aluminium Cans

Dr. Assayidatul Laila Nor Hairin
Dr. Alya Naili Rozhan
Dr. Norhuda Hidayah
Dr. Nor Aiman Sukindar
Dr. Aishah Dahnel 
Dr. Farah Huda


Department of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Kulliyyah of Engineering
Advanced Materials Research Unit and Surface Engineering (AMSERU)
Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Technology Research Unit (AmTECH)
Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Student Society (MMESA)
ENGINIUS, Centre of Foundation Studies, IIUM


Briefing Session with CFS Student
Date: 23 October 2021 9.00 am

Contact Person;

For more information or inquiries about this initiatives, kindly email to Dr. Assayidatul Laila Nor Hairin (assayidatul_laila@iium.edu.my)