Automotive Workshop

List of Equipment

1 Automotive Workshop Toolset
2 Electro-Mechanical Two Post Lifting Hoist
3 MIG Welding Set
4 Interchangeable-Fork Spring Compressor
5 Disc Grinder
6 Air Angle Grinder
7 Jig Saw
8 Bench Drill Press (Square Table Model)
9 Cordless Drill-Bosch
10 Semi Auto Stacker
11 High Speed Cut Off Machine
12 Chassis 4W Drive Turbo Petrol Engine Electronic Injection
13 Chassis Wheel Drive (Front)
14 Chassis Wheel Drive (Rear)




Figure: Chasis 4wd Turbo Petrol Engine Electronic Injection

For a comprehensive list of equipment, person in charge & coordinators in these labs and the Automotive workshop, please click here.