Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering with Honours

The Aerospace Engineering programme aims to help students develop into quality graduates possessing strong foundations in engineering, firm Islamic values, ethics as well as management skills. In addition to the fundamental and technical requirements in Aerospace Engineering it has critical components of management/entrepreneurship, and Islamic revealed knowledge. The goal is to make IIUM engineering graduates competent in the design and analysis of aerospace vehicles, manage technology and conduct their profession as ethically sound engineers.

Courses Offered

Like all first year engineering students, Aerospace Engineering students will have to undergo the same courses set by the Kulliyyah before taking the core courses related to their majoring (listed below). First year general engineering courses consist of Electric Circuits, Engineering Drawing, Statics, Engineering Calculus I, The Islamic Worldview, Electronics, Dynamics, Programming for Engineers, Workshop Technology, Engineering Calculus II and English for Academic Purposes.W


· Aerodynamics 1

· Aerodynamics 2

· Aerospace Engineering Lab 1

· Aerospace Engineering Lab 2

· Aerospace Engineering Lab 3

· Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing Processes

· Aerospace Propulsion

· Aerospace Vehicle Design

· Aircraft Structures 1

· Aircraft Structures 2

· Basic Philosophy and Islamic Worldview

· Computational Mechanics

· Computational Methods and Statistics

· Computer Aided Drawing

· Control Systems

· Differential Equations

· Dynamics

· Electrical Engineering Lab 1

· Engineering Design Ideation

· Engineering Economics & Management

· Engineering Ethics, Safety and Environment

· Engineering Industrial Training

· Engineering Mathematics 1

· Engineering Mathematics 2

· Engineering Programming

· English for Academic Writing

· Ethics and Fiqh of Contemporary Issues

· Family Management

· Final Year Project 1

· Final Year Project 2

· Flight Dynamics and Control

· Flight Mechanics

· Fluid Mechanics

· Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics

· Instrumentation and Measurements

· Integrated Design Project

· Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

· Introduction to Arabic for Quranic Understanding 2

· Introduction to IoT and Applications

· Introduction to Workshop

· Knowledge and Civilization in Islam

· Mechanics of Materials

· Project and Operations Management

· Space Mechanics

· Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

· Statics

· Sustainable development Issues, Policies and Practices

· Technical Elective 1

· Technical Elective 2

· Technology Entrepreneurship

· Thermal Sciences



Aerothermodynamics and Propulsion


·               Helicopter Aerodynamics

·               Rocket Propulsion

·               Structures, Materials and Manufacturing





·               Composite Structures

·               Aerospace Composites Technology

·               Aerospace Manufacturing Technology



Aerospace Systems, Safety and Maintenance


·               Spacecraft Systems Engineering

·               Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures



Curriculum Structure


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Program Flowchart