Dr. Che Zulkhairi gained his bachelor’s degree in Housing Building and Planning (Architecture), University Science Malaysia in 1993. He then obtained his Master in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS), from University Putra of Malaysia in 2005.  

In 2008, Dr Che Zulkhairi pursued his Ph.D in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom and completed the study in 2013 with a thesis on the development of a VPython 3D simulation and control software for a real time hybrid Hexapod robot. Upon his Ph.D completion, he continued his Post Doctoral research on Virtual Reality and Serious Gaming. Dr. Che Zulkhairi is currently working as an ARVR Specialist, at Airbus Broughton, United Kingdom.

Dr. Che Zulkhairi has twelve (12) years’ experience on teaching in courses particularly Virtual Reality, Game Design, Digital Media and Film Animation at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. His current interest includes Integrating SysML MBSE in UNITY/ Python, developing Self-awareness mesh in Unity/Python for Digital Twin/Digital Shadow and Node-system for a Universal drag-and-drop editor for a Unity Quick-prototyping system.