Dear Alumnus/Alumna,

It is with great pleasure that department able to re-establish our relationship after you were last with us as a student of the Department of Civil Engineering, IIUM. It is also our hope that you and your family are in the best position and that you have established yourself in the career of your choice.

The Department of Civil Engineering is enhancing our Alumni Management System and for that, we need your assistance in updating our present alumni database (B. Eng. graduates of 2019 to present).

Our desire is to have an Alumni Management System that will enable us to easily contact all our alumni for the purpose of:

  • General information and updates of the school,
  • Engagement for academic and other related matters,
  • Opportunities for continual quality improvement for the school,
  • Opportunities for your life-long learning through short courses, seminar, conference and other needs for contact.

For this purpose, we would appreciate if you could fill in the Graduate Information available in the following link HYPERLINK “CIVE Alumni Survey

Please also forward to other alumni, who may not already be in our present mailing list.

Your cooperation is much appreciated and if you have any queries, please contact us at: