Research Amount Received

Salmiah Ahmad (Principal Investigator)Offset reduction technique for motion control of two wheeled wheelchairN/A2010-20125000
Salmiah Ahmad (Principal Investigator)RU 2011: Design and Development of Double Link Two-Wheeled Mobile RobotInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - Endowment Fund B2011-201320000
Salmiah Ahmad (Principal Investigator)Design and Development of Intelligent Two-Wheeled Wheelchair for DisabledMinistry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI) - E-Science2012-2014174000
Salmiah Ahmad (Principal Investigator)Investigation and Modeling of Human Speech Organs in Generating a Unique Representation of Quranic Letters for Tajweed Teaching and LearningMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - RACE2014-201644000
Salmiah Ahmad (Principal Investigator)Novel Modeling and Investigation of Rolling Mechanism with Bouncing Capability using Natural Phenomena-based AlgorithmMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2013-201665000
Salmiah Ahmad (Principal Investigator)Design and Development of Motorized Adjustable Vertical Platform for Satellite Assembly, Integration and Test FacilityAgensi Angkasa Negara - Special Grant 2015 - 2017354000
Siti Fauziah TohaRoBlind for visually impaired people: Prototype upscaling and field testingMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - PRGS2017 - 201989040
Siti Fauziah TohaAssistive Mobility Aids (AMA) for Visually Impaired Person: A Quasi-Interactive Identification and Analysis with Variable Agility CourseInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - RIGS2016 - 201720000
Siti Fauziah TohaFormulation of Swarm-like Interaction Algorithm For Visually Impaired People using Hybrid Computational Intelligence TechniquesMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS
2014 - 2016

Siti Fauziah TohaCane Based Global Positioning System with Electronic Braille for Visually Impaired Person,International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - Endowment Fund A2014 - 201515000
Prof Anis Nurashikin Nordin“Dengue- Screening” Electromechanical micro total analysis system for sensitive and rapid detection of dengue feverSwedish Research Council2015-2018179, 500
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinDevelopment of A Stretchable Tactile Distribution SensorAsian Office of Aerospace Research and Developmen2016-2017275, 667
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinMicrofabrication of Microfluidic Channel that Mimic Blood Vessel in the Hand(IIUM - University of Limoges (France) Joint Collaboration Programme)2019-202011515
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinDevelopment of a Parallel biosensing system for personalized and point-of-care chemotherapy treatmentE-science2016-2019197000
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinDesign and Development of Novel MEMS bio-sensor for real-time study of Bone
E-scienceN/A114, 300
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinPortable and precise electrochemical-quartz crystal microbalance diagnostic system for early detection of denguePRGS2019-202187, 000
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinProof of Concept for a novel real-time Hardware-based Cancer Chemotherapeutics Kit using MEMS BiosensorPRGSN/A150 000
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinFundamental study of blood glucose solution models using a novel stepped impedance RF sensor for improved continuous monitoring of diabetic patientsFRGS2017-2019 83, 000
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinNovel Method to Synthesize Polymeric Biphasic Micro-Particles Using Droplet Microfluidic Lab on a ChipFRGS2014-2016107000
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinDevelopment of Printed Power Sources on Flexible Substrate International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - P-RIGS2018-202010000
Prof Anis Nurashikin NordinHardware Implementation of a Novel Impedance Spectroscopy System for Cancer Cell StudiesE-scienceN/A213, 000
Teddy Surya GunawanDesign and Development of Portable Classroom Attendance System Based on Fingerprint BiometricInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - Endowment Fund B2014-201620000
Teddy Surya GunawanAn Efficient Algorithm on Lossless Audio Compression using Optimized Linear Predictor and Entropy Coding for Multichannel Quranic Audio RecitationMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2015-2018

Teddy Surya GunawanAn Effective Hybrid Human Gait Recognition System Combining Independent Component Analysis and Total Silhouette ComputationIIUM - Publication grant2016-201715000
Teddy Surya GunawanSpeech Emotion Recognition and Depression Prediction based on Speech Analysis using Deep Neural NetworksMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2018-Present99000
Aliza Aini Md RalibTheoretical modeling of lung cancer biomarkers in exhaled breath using silicon compatible electroacoustic microsensorsMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2017-202054500
Aliza Aini Md RalibAn Investigation on the Piezoelectric Characteristics of Thin Film for Flexible Surface Acoustic Wave Ultraviolet MicrosensorInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - RIGS2016 - 201920000
Aliza Aini Md RalibInterdigitated Electrode Patterning using Standard Photolithography and Wet Etching for Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor Based on ST Cut Quartz for Breath Analysis(IIUM - University of Limoges (France) Joint Collaboration Programme)2018-201911919
Nadzril SulaimanAnalysis of Micro Coil Geometric Features for MEMS based Fluxgate MagnetometerInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - Endowment Fund B2014-201620000
Nadzril SulaimanNovel Method in Fabrication of Micro Magnetometer for Low Magnetic Field DetectionMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - RAGS2014-201765300
Nadzril SulaimanA New Authentication Biometrics Method Based on Fingertips Epidermis Layer Thickness MeasurementMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2019 -Present65200
Shahrul Naim SidekReal-Time Affect Detection For Adaptive Control Of Robot- Assisted RehabilitationMOHE (FRGS0510-130)2012 (completed)48000
Shahrul Naim SidekModeling of In-the-Loop Emotion Recognizer for Robot-Assiste Rehabilitation ControlMoHE (RAGS12-002-0002)2014 (completed)50000
Shahrul Naim SidekUpscaling of Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation Platform for Upper ExtremityMoHE (PRGS13 002- 0012)2015 (Completed)120000
Shahrul Naim SidekInvestigation of Thumb-Tip Force Prediction Based On Hill's Muscle Model Using Noninvasive Electromyography and Ultrasound SignalsMoHE (FRGS14-160-0401)2016 (completed)113200
Shahrul Naim SidekNovel Adaptive Impedance Control for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Platform based on Hybrid Automata and Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System FormalismMOSTI-Sciencefund (SF15-015-0065)    2018 (completed)208500
Shahrul Naim SidekAdaptive Impedance Control Scheme for Upper Extremity Training Platform using Discrete-Event System TheoryMoHE (FRGS)(Projected 2020)98792
Shahrul Naim SidekStudy of Thumb Attitude Relationship to Extrinsic Musculature Characterizations using High Density Surface Electromyogram SignalsMoHE (FRGS19-028-0637)Projected 2021)99400
Shahrul Naim SidekEmotion Regulated Training for Underprivileged Autistic Spectrum Disorder Children using Adaptive Robotics Platform (Investigation of the correlation between thermal pattern from multi-view face images and the affective states of ASD children-Project 1)MoHE (TRGS2019)(Projected 2023)796432
Noor Hazrin Hany Mohamad Hanif2D Modeling of Frequency-Domain Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Data using Finite Element MethodMoHE (FRGS/1/10/TK/UTP/03/21)2010-2012 (completed)43500
Noor Hazrin Hany Mohamad HanifRotating Piezoelectric Energy Harvester of Wearable DeviceInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - RIGS2016 - 2018 (completed)20 000
Noor Hazrin Hany Mohamad HanifA Novel Mathematical Formulation of Hybrid Piezoelectric and Electromagnetic Dynamics for Micro Energy HarvestingMoHE (FRGS 2019)2019-202174000
Norsinnira Zainul AzlanSafe Single COBOT for Therapist Assistance in Upper Limb RehabilitationPRGS19-007-00512019-2021155459
Norsinnira Zainul AzlanModeling and Function Approximation-Adaptive Control of Exoskeleton and Actuated-Object Device for Upper Limb RehabilitationP-RIGS18-019-00192018-202120000
Norsinnira Zainul AzlanTwo-Dimensional Stretchable Strain for Facial Expression-Driven Rehabilitation System (AOARD GRANT)SP18-142-04042018-2020230000
Norsinnira Zainul AzlanSliding Mode-Function Approximation Technique (S.M.C. F.A.T) Adaptive Control for Manipulating Deformable Objects by Multiple ManipulatorsJP201606241047502016-201823603
Norsinnira Zainul AzlanAnalysis of Human Hand Motion and Force during Eating and Model Formulation based on Neural Network for Robotic ADL RehabilitationFRGS14-107-03482014-2016119200
Norsinnira Zainul AzlanDesign and Development of Shoe-Tying Robotic Hands for Prosthetics and Humanoid ApplicationEDW B14-113-09982014-201620000
Norsinnira Zainul AzlanFAT-Based Adaptive Control of Antropomorphic Fingers in Handling Weight-Varying ObjectsRAGS13-025-00882013-201540000
Ruzita Mohd AminKajian Peluang Pekerjaan Orang Kurang Upaya di MalaysiaMinistry of Women, Family & Community Development2019-2020630769
Nik Nur Wahidah Nik HashimPerformance Analysis of Novel Speech-based Psychological Assessment Tool for Assisting CliniciansRAGS 2014-2017 2014 - 2017 80000
Nik Nur Wahidah Nik HashimAnalysis of Automatic Depression Detection Using Speech-based Heart Rate Detection and Higher-Order Spectral Speech Features for Depression Pre-ScreeningFRGS 2018-20212018 - 202162000
Hazlina Md YusofReal Time Detection of Human Affective State for Human Robot InteractionMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - RACE2014 - 201550000
Hazlina Md YusofEnergy Based Analysis of Human Affective State Detection for Human Robotic InteractionMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2013 - 2015101000
Hazlina Md YusofAnalytical Modeling of Relationship Between Frontal Facial Thermal Imprint and Affective States In Human Machine InteractionMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2016 - 2018133962.26
Nur Liyana AzmiHuman spine modeling to investigate the seat inclination angle and vibration control in reducing spinal muscle fatigue while drivingInternational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) - RIGS2019 - 202120000
Nor Hidayati Diyana NordinBio-inspired algorithm for parametric estimation of spine load in relation to dentists' work postureMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS RACER2019 - 202140000
Muhammad Afif HusmanInvestigating the feasibility of using inertial sensors from smartphone to identify stair ascending and descending activity for prosthetic leg usersMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2019 - 202152650
Rosminazuin Ab RahimNovel Theoretical Model of an electrochemical nanobiosensor for rapid detection of dengueMinistry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) - FRGS2015-201887200

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