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Visit to Nanocellulose Pilot Plant by CHEN1311
       02 Jun 2023
On 2nd June 2023, 30 students from Material Science for Chemical Engineers (CHEN1311) class attended a site visit that was held in Nanocellulose Pilot Plant, Biorefinery Complex, UPM Serdang. The lecturer that was in charge for this visit was Dr Wan Mohd Fazli. Upon arrival, the students were welcome and listened to the introductory speech given by the Head of Biorefinery Complex, Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, Prof. Ts. Dr. Hidayah Ariffin. She delivered a speech, explaining the layout and the function of the Biorefinery Complex and why it was very useful for the purpose of study.
04. UPM Nanocellulose Visits

The students also watched a demonstration by researchers, Dr Athiah and Dr Liyana, about the effect of nanocellulose in hand sanitizers and in beverages. Right after the demonstration, the students had a photography session with the professors and researchers in front of the central building. 


The students also managed to visit the laboratory and observe the machinery used for the research conducted there. They also showed the final product of nanocellulose, and polymer products made in the lab.


Before returning to IIUM, the professor did a demonstration on how they made organic biofertilizers. Just by using chicken manure and wood chips, they managed to make fertilizers that did not use any sort of chemical and were harmless for the environment.

75. UPM Nanocellulose Visits

What did we learn from the site visit? We saw the process of making bioproducts as a sustainable way to protect the environment. The effect of cellulose nanofibers (CNF) in polymer really adds more advantages to the products itself. As an example, presence of nanocellulose in liquid sanitizers made it less watery and less sticky to our hand. It acts as thickening agent and becomes smoother on our skin. The presence of nanocellulose in beverages also makes it more attractive. The nanocellulose made the drinks show less sediments and looks better compared to drinks without nanocellulose.