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Visit to IKOP Pharma by BTEN2312/CHEN1212
       06 Dec 2022
On December 6, 2023, 36 students from both courses of BTEN 2312 and CHEN 1212 with our two lecturers, Dr Fadhillah and Dr Firdaus went on an educational industrial trip to IIUM Kuantan with the purpose of visiting IKOP Pharma, which is housed at their Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. We arrived there round 11.00 am. We intended to visit their pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to learn about thermodynamics’ practical applications.

The objective of the trip was to get to know more about the applications and concepts of thermodynamics in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. Furthermore, this trip gives students the opportunity to learn about industrial practices.

We were greeted by Dr. Rushdi when we arrived there, who gave us a brief introduction to IKOP Pharma and the safety of our visit to the plant. Three hosts which are the engineers working there led the way and thoroughly described their pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. We took some notes regarding the processes during the visit. On the basis of thermodynamic principles, there are three production processes.

The first operation takes place in the air handling unit (AHU) which consists of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. The purified water system was the second chamber we went to. Water purification, which is important in our daily lives like cleaning and for pharmaceutical processes for their manufacturing operations, takes place in this system.

Our trip ended approximately at 2.00 pm. We believed that our goal was accomplished, thus we can draw the conclusion that the visit was a success. Our knowledge was expanded, which was greatly beneficial for us. This visit was highly encouraged for students taking this course in order to help us have a better grasp of how thermodynamics is applied in the engineering field.