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Unveiling the World of Nanofibers: The Journey of Electrospinning
       18 Jan 2024

From left: Dr. Huda, Dr. Munira, Sr. Alia, Dr. Sakinah, Mr. Muhammad Zulhilmie, Mrs. Ang Tse Huey, Dr. Wan Mohd Fazli, Br. Taufiq, Br. Nasaruddin, Br. Hazim, Dr. Ricca Rahman.

Imagine stepping into a world where science meets art, where innovation is literally at your fingertips and where the tiniest threats can weave the biggest dreams. This is the reality we embraced when our brand-new electrospinning unit arrived, marking the beginning of an exhilarating journey into the realm of nanotechnology.

          On 11th January 2024, an electrospinning unit made its way into our Biochemical Operation laboratory after almost one year of waiting. We could not help but feel a blend of excitement and awe as we witnessed this unit firsthand. On delivery day, a technical engineer from Progene Link Sdn. Bhd., Mr Muhammad Zulhilmie, was together with us to unbox and set up the components of the unit. He practically explained every function of the components including the switch, grounding knobs, high voltage cable and safety lock. As this electrospinning unit was like a new ‘toy’ to us and not many of us have experience dealing with this unit, a workshop on electrospinning was organized.


The delivery of an electrospinning unit and set up by Mr. Muhammad Zulhilmie.

On 18th January 2024, a workshop “Training and Commissioning Electrospinning Unit” was held at Meeting Room, Department of Chemical Engineering and Sustainability for theory session and Biochemical Operation Laboratory for hands-on training. An amount of 12 participants consists of lecturers, laboratory technician and postgraduate students had involved in this workshop.


Theory session of electrospinning workshop. Speaker: Mrs. Ang Tse Huey.

During theory session, Mrs. Ang Tse Huey, a technical support engineer from Progene Link Sdn. Bhd. introduced us to the basic of nanotechnology in terms of definition, types of nano-products and dimensions of nanoscale. We were also introduced to the basic theory and techniques of electrospinning including the main components of electrospinning unit, important parameters, the process of solution ejection, Taylor cone formation, coaxial electrospinning and latest components technology produced by Progene Link Sdn. Bhd. The session was lasted for two hours and we were given free lunch before continuing with the hands-on training.

          The workshop was continued in Biochemical Operation Laboratory where the electrospinning unit is placed. During this training session, Mr. Muhammad Zulhilmie practically showed us on the operation of electrospinning unit. He briefly explained the function of the components and the dos and don’ts during operating the unit. Each components have significant functions and mode of operations and it must be set accordingly to ensure the unit run smoothly. During trial run, we observed the formation of Taylor cone and nanofibers ejected to the collector. After a while, a sheet of membrane was formed. I was mind-blowing to see these tiniest threads could create functionalized products, in which could give numerous benefits to the industry.


From the unboxing of this cutting-edge equipment to the creation of our very first nanofiber, we explored and learnt how this technology is working, in both theory and application. Being able to learn electrospinning really does open my eyes in nanotechnology world. It is truly amazed me how this extensive equipment could create something that hard to be seen with our naked eyes.