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Promoting CHES Department at SBPI Gombak
       08 Jun 2023
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) is a very important examination to all teenagers, a benchmark to determine where they will further their studies afterwards. The pressure is real as this exam is not even a joke to those who want a bright future. I am 100% sure that most of us experienced this while in our high school era. On the 8th  of June 2023, the CHES Department held an open booth at SBPI Gombak along with the SPM result day, this booth was intended to reach all the students there especially to the 2022 SPM students by giving them a glimpse and introduction to the engineering world and its fow of studies. For information, SBPI Gombak was nominated as the best school for SPM 2022 with its bombastic average gred of 1.05 !! To our surprise, our CHESTA booth got a lot of attention from most of the schools’s students and aprents. We indeed return the energy to them by flooding them with helpful infromation regarding our programme.


As the day concludes, what can I say is, we celebrate not just grades and numbers but the determination, resilience, and hard work that have propelled each student forward. The trials and tribulations faced throughout this academic pursuit have sculpted characters, instilled perseverance, and nurtured a thirst for knowledge that will transcend the boundaries of the classroom. While some may have tasted the sweetness of success, let us not forget that examinations do not define us completely. They are a measure of our academic performance but not of our worth as individuals.


Congratulations to each and every one of the SBPI Gombak students. May your journey be filled with passion, purpose, and the pursuit of excellence. The world is waiting – go forth and shine!

Here is to the start of a new chapter in your lives!