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Exit Meeting Sem 2 2022/2023
       20 Jun 2023
At the end of each semester, an exit meeting is organized with graduating students especially for those that have completed final year project (FYP). This session is an opportunity for the lecturers to interact directly with our beloved students before they leave the department. For semester 2 2022/2023, the meeting was organized on 20th June 2023 starting at 2.30pm after the students completed their FYP final presentation in the morning. The meeting was held at Conference Room C, level 5, E0.
The agenda started with welcoming remarks by Head of Department, Prof.  Ir. Dr.   Mohammed Saedi Jami.  He congratulated the students for successfully finishing the bachelor’s degree at IIUM within stipulated times. The meeting then continued with the discussion on the overview, appraisal of the program outcomes and mainly to get feedback from the students regarding our program to improve it from time to time.  Students are very supportive by attending and give their suggestions and comments how to improve the program.  After that, the session was continued with short speech from Prof. Dr. Nassereldeen Ahmed Kabbashi as senior lecturer, Professional Engineers session by AP Ir.  Dr.  Azlin Suhaida, postgraduate opportunity by Dr.  Farah and Alumni matter by Dr.  Ricca Rahman. Lastly, HOD given opportunities to all lecturers that attended the meeting this afternoon to congratulated and giving last advice to the beloved students.

The session then continued by announcing best presentation award for FYP2 students. The recipients are Sr.  Adilah Raihanah, Sr.  Aina Basyirah, Sr.  Puteri Nur Qamarina and Sr.  Nur Nisa Humaira. Second awards are best IDP report, and the recipients are Sr.  Aina Basyirah, Sr. Nur Erieka Qasgeena and Sr.  Siti Nur Fathiihah.  All recipients received a certificates and cash money sponsored by generous lecturers from the department. The session ended by photography session with the lecturers and students.  Thanked to Dr. Wan Mohd Fazli for being a photographer throughout this session. Lastly, department had prepared light refreshment sponsored by CHES Welfare committees.   


The lecturers and students enjoy the food while having last chit-chatting together.  As a coordinator of FYP2, I congratulated and wished my dear students will become successful engineer that can contribute to the Ummah.  I am proud on each of you! Good luck for your future endeavours.