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CHESTA Annual Grand Dinner 2023
       26 May 2023

On 26th May 2023, Chemical Engineering Students’ Association (also known as CHESTA) organized their first ever Annual Grand Dinner for the first time ever since its establishment last year. The event took place at Wadi Budi Hall, IIUM and lasted for 2 hours from 8pm to 10pm. The event hosted over 150 students and around 20 lecturers came with their spouses and kids to enjoy the night. The event commenced promptly at 8:00 PM with a warm welcome and opening remarks from the President of CHESTA, Br Zharfan Syamil followed by the Head of Department, Prof Saedi. The opening remarks set the tone for the evening, expressing gratitude to all attendees and highlighting the significance of the event as an opportunity to celebrate achievements and strengthen community bonds. To keep the atmosphere lively and engaging, various gimmicks were incorporated throughout the opening remarks. The gimmick prepared made the dinner memorable as it indicates a new era for CHESTA which symbolizes unity and forwardness.


The Annual Grand Dinner featured an array of captivating performances that enthralled the audience. Talented singers that we can proudly claim from CHESTA  took the stage, showcasing their skills and entertaining the attendees with a diverse range of songs. A highlight of the event was the exquisite selection of food served during the dinner. The catering team meticulously crafted a menu that catered to diverse palates of the lecturers and students. Attendees had the opportunity to savor an assortment of delectable main courses of Nasi Tomato to desserts like ice cream and Cendol.


To add an element of anticipation and surprise, lucky draw awards were organized throughout the evening. Attendees had the chance to win six exciting prizes carefully chosen by the committees. The lucky draw created an atmosphere of excitement, as winners were announced and congratulated by the attendees. Apart from that, recognizing the efforts and style of the attendees, the event featured a “Best Dressed” competition. Guests were encouraged to dress their finest, and a panel of judges carefully observed and evaluated the outfits based on creativity, elegance, shariah compliance and if they adhered to the earth color theme. The winners of the “Best Dressed” awards were announced, receiving applause and recognition from their peers.

AGD23-best dress

To capture the memories of the evening, a dedicated photoshoot session was arranged as the dinner comes to a close. Photographers were available to take individual and group photographs of the attendees against elegant backdrops prepared by the committees. The photoshoot session provided an opportunity for guests to document their presence and commemorate the event. 


As a participant of the Annual Grand Dinner, I am filled with a sense of joy and contentment as I reflect on the delightful evening that unfolded. The event truly surpassed my expectations, leaving an indelible mark on my memory.