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Dr Munira Presents at TEDx IIUM
       17 Dec 2022
TED is a platform that aims to create creative mindset to think out of the box, to obtain knowledge through people’s experiences and breaking the limits above specific study field among others. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, the event is also a platform to increase students’ engagement to see their potentials and generate ideas of the youth.

The event on 17th December 2022, which was held at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation (ISTAC) IIUM, was joined by Malaysian visionary and twice former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, and other inspirational speakers from TheNoor App co-founder and chief technology officer, Mohd Izzairi Yamin, Mental Health and Psycosocial Support Consultant, UNICEF Malaysia, Dr. Shermaine (Su Tein Sim), Oval App Malaysia, Chief Executive Officer, Mohd. Farhan Idris and our Assistant Professor from the Department, Dr. Munira Shahbuddin.

The theme for this event was, Post Pandemic: A new dawn.  The program was started at 8 p.m  took place for two hours. The project manager and IIUM former student union Abdulrahman Baaqeel, who is currently at Biotechnology Engineering, said this program was essential to get people from all fields to discuss the post-pandemic situation. This event brought experts from IT, artificial intelligence, mental health, climate change and nation-building.